Dive into a world of vibrant colors and breezy fabrics that embody the essence of femininity and summer. Every piece, lovingly handmade in India, is a celebration of artistry and cultural richness.

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Vivre Jewels is the place for:

Unique clothing , bags and jewelry in the most vibrant colors and striking prints, handmade in a traditional way in Peru and India

  • Upcycle & vintage materials

    Minimizing our ecological footprint.

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  • Slow fashion

    Honest handmade products at a fair price

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  • Love for authentic culture

    Love for culture and authentic craftsmanship

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Reversible bags

Our collections:

Vivre's articles are composed from a love for culture and craft. The articles originated from techniques passed on from generation to generation from different cultures.


Discover our hand-woven items from Peru. These items are handmade by women from the Andes mountains. Each item tells a story of age-old skill of local artisans who have passed the art of weaving from generation to generation!

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Our Indian craftsmen use various materials and techniques, such as the blockprint technique with wooden stamps for unique patterns on fabrics. The collection also includes reuse of silk saris and kantha vintage blankets, which are given new life as bags or kimonos. With these items you not only carry beautiful clothes, but also a piece of India with you.

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