At Vivre Jewels you will discover a diverse collection of jackets with a unique character in various colors, styles and materials. Whether you choose the enchanting kantha jackets with age-old embroidery technique, the kimono jackets for an authentic look, or the embroidered jackets with artistic details, each piece is handmade with love in India. These sustainable and fairly produced jackets combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. Discover here which jacket suits your style!

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At Vivre we offer an extensive collection of jackets in various colors, styles and materials. What these jackets have in common is their unique, colorful character and the fact that they are handmade with care in India. Furthermore, each creation is made fairly using traditional methods, thanks to the skills of local artisans.

Whether you prefer our kantha jackets, kimono jackets or embroidered creations, each piece has its own unique fit, colours, prints, materials and production methods. Discover below which jacket best suits your personal style!

Kantha jackets - hand-woven according to the age-old kantha technique

Discover the unique world of hand-woven Kantha jackets at Vivre Jewels. These beautiful jackets, straight from India, are made by hand using the age-old kantha technique. Each piece is a work of art, in which colorful vintage residual fabrics and prints are embroidered in a traditional manner into a new, authentic jacket. These sustainable and fairly produced jackets are perfect for anyone looking for unique clothing with a story.


Kimono jackets - block printing with a contemporary design

Discover our beautiful collection of kimono jackets for women at Vivre Jewels, each with a unique story. Lovingly handmade in India from recycled vintage fabrics, these jackets give a modern twist to traditional craft. Available in various prints and colors, these kimono jackets add color and authenticity to your outfit. Choose from our extensive collection, varying in length and sleeve length, and find the perfect kimono jacket for every season!

Embroidered jackets - Completely hand embroidered in India

At Vivre Jewels, discover our unique collection of embroidered jackets for women, made with artistic embroidery and vibrant colors. Handmade with love by traditional craftsmen in India, these jackets give a personal and authentic touch to your outfit. Our embroidered jackets are airy, mid-length, have long sleeves, have an oversized fit and are perfect for styling all year round!