About Suus

My journey as an entrepreneur

Even as a little girl I had a fascination with gemstones, all those beautiful colors, vibrant sparkle and meaning. Because of their effect, gemstone jewelry is really more than just a piece of jewelry for me. You also carry a beautiful message with you. Gemstones were often very coarse and not so 'trendy'. That's why I started making subtle gemstone jewelry myself. So I created my own webshop and started selling jewelry online. What started as a hobby eventually became my side job during my studies! It was a dream come true.

From graduating to full-time entrepreneurship

Sales of the jewelry continued to improve. I decided to see how I could further expand my webshop. I quickly came across the beautiful articles from India. That immediately felt like a match! My love for handmade, colorful items & authentic cultures was fully reflected in this. I slowly expanded the collection to include items from Peru. The webshop started to run better and after my studies I was able to work full-time for Vivre. Wow! That was so cool!

Intuition as a compass

It is essential for me to continue to use my intuition as a compass in the choices I make. In this way, I also reflect certain personal values ​​within my company. For example, I am committed to fair trade, good working conditions and sustainability. The focus now is on further achieving my ultimate goal, namely; creating a positive social impact and stimulating regional sustainable economic growth.