About Vivre

Slow Fashion

We believe in fair trade and therefore work directly with local producers and artisans in India and Peru. Our products are handmade in a traditional way under good working conditions and at a fair price.

Upcycle & vintage materials

At Vivre Jewels we take active steps to minimize our ecological footprint. We do this by working a lot with beautiful vintage materials. Think of vintage kantha blankets to vintage saris that have been worn by Indian women for generations. These fabrics are carefully selected and transformed into beautiful new items. We also try to work a lot with residual fabric, for example we use it to line the inside of our reversible bags or laptop covers!

Cultural authenticity

With our love for different cultures, we respect, cherish and encourage the preservation of traditional craft techniques. For example, at Vivre Jewels we only offer items that are authentically handmade by local artisans in different countries. Consider, for example, the block print items from India or the hand-woven bags from Peru. We strive to further spread the stories of these techniques passed down from generation to generation. In this way we hope to create more connection between different beautiful cultures around the world!