India collection


The blockprint technique from India is a method in which unique patterns are printed on fabrics with wooden stamps. Craftsmen hand-cut patterns into wooden blocks, which are then coated with paint and printed onto the fabric. This repetitive stamping operation results in the most beautiful patterns!

Blockprint collection


The sari is the most famous garment worn by women in India. A sari is a piece of cloth five to seven meters long and one meter wide that women wrap around themselves after some practice. This can consist of different materials. But on special occasions he is made of silk. These silk vintage saris are transformed into beautiful new items in our collection!

Sari collection


Kantha fabrics from India are handmade in a traditional way using the characteristic Kantha stitch. This stitch, a form of hand embroidery, is applied to layers of soft cotton fabric that are sewn together. The kantha fabric consists of different layers of fabric sewn on top of each other. We use vintage kanthas in our collections to reuse fabric. These vintage fabrics are transformed into the most beautiful items.

Kantha collection