Jewellery care

Jewelry care

The jewelry at Vivre jewels is made of stainless steel, 925 sterling silver or is golden plated. We believe it is important that the quality of our jewelry is good so that you can enjoy your jewelry for a long time. Despite the use of good materials, the jewelry still needs proper care.

Tips to keep your jewelry beautiful for as long as possible:

Remove jewelry when swimming, showering, washing hands or exercising

Try to avoid contact with perfume, oils or lotions

Do not clean your jewelry with strong chemicals

Much of the jewelry at Vivre jewels is handmade. This means that not all jewelry looks 100% the same. Because we use gemstones, freshwater pearls and other natural materials, jewelry may also differ slightly in shape here and there. These are small differences that also make Vivre jewelry unique! Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any discolouration of the jewelry. If you have any questions regarding the care of the jewelry, you can always email

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