Kantha jacket

Discover our beautiful handmade Kantha jackets, straight from India. Each piece tells a unique story thanks to the use of the age-old Indian kantha technique. Colorful vintage fabrics and prints are carefully embroidered together by hand, transforming them into a new, unique jacket. Vivre's kantha jackets give a modern twist to traditional craft and are perfect for those looking for stylish and authentic clothing!

Buy unique kantha jackets online at Vivre Jewels

At Vivre Jewels you can buy various enchanting kantha jackets and kimonos online. Each kantha jacket/kimono is handmade in India using the age-old kantha embroidery method. Vintage residual fabrics are recycled and embroidered into a new jacket with vibrant prints and refined embroidery. This makes each copy truly unique, with possible variations in the pattern. The kantha jackets are one-size cotton jackets that are produced sustainably and under fair conditions. Find your unique kantha jacket at Vivre Jewels where a traditional technique meets a contemporary look.


Kantha jacket handmade in India

Discover the enchanting world of our hand-woven Kantha jackets, handcrafted in India using the age-old kantha embroidery technique. These unique creations tell an inspiring story of Indian rural women, who embroider scrap fabrics together and transform them into beautiful new coats. The jackets have developed into true works of art, in which the symbolic stories, desires and wishes of these women are embroidered.


More than a jacket - Cultural heritage, sustainability and fair production in one

Purchasing a Kantha jacket means:

- Investing in sustainable production
- Encouraging the preservation of cultural heritage in India
- Supporting small artisanal producers in India.
- Contribute to fair prices for small producers in India
- Stimulate local growth and development of local artisans.