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At Vivre Jewels you will find many different spacious and unique Kantha bags. Each piece is lovingly handmade in India, where the age-old Kantha embroidery technique is used. Remnants of vintage fabrics are carefully embroidered together, giving them a new life as a unique bag. Brighten up any outfit with these beautiful colorful kantha bags!

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Discover the wide collection of unique and large Kantha bags at Vivre Jewels. Each piece is made using the traditional Kantha hand embroidery technique from India, in which vintage fabric remnants are reused and assembled into a new bag. This makes every bag one-of-a-kind. The Kantha bags are spacious cotton shoppers with lively prints, varying in size from 48-63 cm and equipped with a handy inner pocket. Buy the kantha bag that suits you now!


Investing in tradition: Sustainable Handmade Kantha Bags From India

Discover the unique charm of our Kantha bags from India, hand-woven according to the age-old Kantha embroidery tradition. These bags tell the inspiring story of rural Indian women who gave new life to discarded fabrics by sewing them together. It has developed into a real art form, in which illiterate women incorporated symbolic stories, desires and good wishes into these kantha bags. By purchasing a Kantha bag, you are not only investing in a unique product with a rich cultural heritage, but you are also supporting local artisans who honor traditional techniques at fair prices and good working conditions.

Discover our collection, where every bag tells a story and your purchase makes a difference.