Peruvian bag

Discover our beautiful, colorful Peruvian bags, hand-woven on traditional looms by local Peruvian women. Each specimen is unique and reflects the cultural heritage of Peru. Discover below which authentic woven bag from Peru suits you best

Buy Authentic Peruvian Woven Bags

At Vivre you will find an extensive collection of woven bags from Peru. Each item is a unique shoulder bag with various patterns, colors and a robust zipper. They are hand woven using traditional looms from Peru by women from the local community. These bags, measuring 32 x 31 cm, are of top quality and ideal for everyday use.

Woven bags from Peru – traditional, sustainable and handmade

These authentic woven bags embody the age-old cultural traditions of Peru, passed down from generation to generation. These bags are hand-woven by women from the local community in Peru on traditional looms. At Vivre you not only buy a unique product, but you also support the preservation of these traditional techniques. Moreover, they are timeless, sustainable, handmade bags, produced according to slow fashion values.


Dress stylishly with the colorful Peruvian bag with print

This bag is a stylish addition to any outfit. Thanks to the various colors, this bag can be effortlessly combined with both simple and colorful outfits. Dare to be unique with these woven colorful bags!