Reversible waistcoats

Discover our unique reversible waistcoats, which have different cheerful prints and colors on the inside and outside! Because they can be worn on both sides, you have countless ways to style these vests. Wear them over a blouse, dress, sweater or even a simple t-shirt and immediately brighten up your outfit!

Reversible waistcoat for endless style variations

In addition to our ''regular'' waistcoats with print, we also offer special reversible waistcoats, which not only have a cheerful print on the outside, but also on the outside! These reversible vests can be worn on both sides, allowing for multiple style variations. For example, you can wear it over a dress, sweater, blouse or a simple t-shirt. Choose the right size and color that suits you perfectly and create a new, unique look every day!

Handmade waistcoats from India: an ode to craft and tradition

Discover our beautiful collection of handmade waistcoats, made with care and love by artisans in the heart of India. Each waistcoat is made with authentic residual materials, including recycled saris, and using age-old traditional methods, such as age-old block printing. Furthermore, these unique garments are produced under ethical working conditions and at a fair price. By offering these special products, we aim to cherish the rich traditional craftsmanship while encouraging the growth of local craft manufacturers in India.