Waistcoat with print

Discover our beautiful printed waistcoats, which reflect India's rich cultural heritage. Our waistcoats are available in the happiest prints and colours, all handmade in India from recycled vintage fabrics such as saris. Brighten up any outfit with our Vivre Jewels printed waistcoats!

Buy a vest with a print at Vivre Jewels

At Vivre Jewels we have a wide collection of waistcoats with beautiful prints. These exclusive waistcoats are handmade in India, using the most beautiful colors and prints. Each piece is made from vintage residual fabrics, including saris, making them truly one-of-a-kind. Our printed waistcoats are made of 100% high-quality cotton or 100% silk and can be perfectly styled with different outfits, such as on a dress, a blouse, a sweater and so on. Take a good look at which size and print suits you and make every outfit unique!

Waistcoat handmade in India with love and tradition

All our beautiful waistcoats are handmade with love by artisans in India. These artisans use authentic residual materials, such as recycled saris, and use age-old traditional methods, including block printing. In addition, the vests are made under good working conditions and at a fair price. By offering these products, we aim to preserve traditional craftsmanship and promote local growth of small craft manufacturers in India

Can't get enough of our waistcoats? Then take a look at our special reversible waistcoats that have a unique print on both sides!